Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Repeating Patterns

In Maths this week we have been learning how to make repeating patterns...
We had some interesting patterns made today:
1. Myles said, "I have made two different patterns the first one is... One green bear then two red bears, one green bear then two red bears..." .... The next one I made is one yellow bear, two blue bears, one yellow bear, two blue bears....and Gavin has made one with one yellow bear, one blue bear, one green bear..."
2. David said, "We have two red, two purple, two red, two purple..."
3. Cam ran out of red frogs to complete his frog pattern.
4. Jonty said, "My pattern is one red dinosaur, one orange dinosaur, two blue dinosaurs, one green dinosaur then it repeats...."
5. Theo said, "I have one spider, one fly, one spider, one fly...."
6. Bella said, I have two pink sticks, one purple stick, two pink sticks and then it will be one purple stick again".
7. Tyler said, "This time I have one red peg, one purple peg, one red peg, one purple peg..."

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Real Author

Today we had a visit from Jane Buxton. Jane has written many pieces for School Journals and lots of  children's picture books too. She read us a couple of her stories one was "The Red Overalls" and the other was "Harry's Hair".
                                               One day we could be an author like Jane.

Just so Cute!!

In the holidays David's little brother Taylor was born. We were lucky to have a visit from him today. He was sound asleep and he was so little. Thank you Jackie for bringing Taylor in for a visit and Congratulations from us all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Four New Children Start School

This week Tyler, Reuben, Kellen and Jasleigh began their learning journey with us in Room 3. Welcome guys! We hope you enjoy your school days with us.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Holidays for 2 weeks

We are now on holiday. We will continue posting on our Blog when we come back to school.
Happy Holidays From Room 3.