Monday, May 27, 2013

Olivias Tooth Has Gone.

Olivia lost her tooth!

Where is it now Olivia?

Soccer and Hockey

Room 3 have been learning some soccer and hockey skills.

I love soccer because I like kicking the ball and also we get to run outside. Olivia

I played Octopus. A fish came swimming. Jasmine

I am playing soccer. Christian

I played soccer at school. Angus

I played soccer and I kicked the ball. Jasleigh

I like playing soccer and I am good at soccer. Reuben

I like playing soccer. Dylan

I like playing soccer at playtime. Mya

I love soccer because I like falling over. I love hockey because I like passing the ball.  Rebecca

I love hockey because I play hockey with a stick. Kellen

It was a rainy day when we played hockey. Jimmy

Monday, May 13, 2013

Learning How to Read e-books on the Computer

Today we learnt how to use Oxford Owl to read books online. We can access these books via this class blog on the 'Listen to Reading' tab above. We were able to use our new head phones as well. 

What a fun way to read books and listen to how good reading sounds!

Road Safety

Room 3 and 4 have been learning how to be safe in cars and when crossing roads. Constable McKitrick came to school and we all practiced putting our safety belts on in his police car.


We practiced crossing the road at school and also walking past sneaky driveways. When we were in Richmond we had to be really careful as there was lots of traffic. We walked across pedestrian crossings, and had to look both ways in case there were any cars coming. We had to make sure they stopped for us. When we crossed at the traffic lights we had to wait for the green stick man before we could cross. Just ask your child to learn more about safety in and around cars and what to look for.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Back From 2 Weeks Holiday

Have a look at our holiday pictures and stories we made when we got back to school this week.

Some of us made a fotobable and read our stories for you too....