Thursday, August 2, 2012

Writing and Posting Letters

We have been writing letters to someone special at home...We wrote our address on the envelopes and then added a stamp. We posted our letters today in our school's letter box. We had to put the flag up so the 'Postie' will know there are some letters to be collected. Now we just have to wait very patiently for our special person to receive our letters....
We are very excited about the journey our letters will take and are wondering how long it will take for them to reach there destination.

As far as I know all of our letters arrived at the intended destinations. We had a few parents thanking us for sending them. The kids really enjoyed the process of writing and posting these letters. It also meant we had a real life context for our writing that week. Thanks to those parents who received their letters and let us know they had arrived safely. Maybe we might get a letter back.....??

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  1. Wow it was so great for me to get my first ever letter from my son Jonty. It was a real treat and a fantastic surprise. What a great idea. Thanks Jontys dad Paul


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