Thursday, February 21, 2013

McKee Domain

Today Room's 3 and 4 took a trip on the bus out to McKee Domain in Ruby Bay. The weather was great and the sea life was awesome. We played some games, played on the playground, and spent time on the beach looking in the rock pools. We had some fantastic parent helpers and some grandparents too! It was a fun time of discovering and there was lots to talk about.
Thank-you to Richard and to all of our helpers that came with us. A trip like this is not possible without your help.
The children in these photos spent most of the time with their heads down. They were very engrossed in what they were doing.

Read the stories we wrote about our day:

I got a little crab at the rock pools.

I am at the rocky shore. Mum came with me. 

I am at the rock pools. 

The crabs bit my finger.

I went to the rocky shore. I collected some crabs and a shrimp. Grandad came with me. 

I found a crab. 

I went to the rocky shore.

Me and Ava went to find some crabs. 

I found crabs.

I went to the rocky shore. I saw little crabs.


  1. I was so disappointed that I wasn't at the rock pools with you. Then I saw the pictures on the Blog and read your wonderful stories! You look as if you found lots of crabs, and I saw some shells and starfish in one of the pictures. I hope you have drawn some pictures to put on the wall so I can see them when I get back to school.
    Mrs Hall

  2. I loved the trip to the rocky shore. Who would have thought there would be so much exiting stuff under those rocks! Great to see the boys and girls being brave picking up those crabs too.
    Thanks for inviting me along.
    Michelle Dodunski (Kellen's mum)

  3. Hello there! This Is Kellen Dodunski's Nona writing to you from England!
    Hi there Kellen and all of your classmates it looks like you had a very exciting trip to Ruby Bay I have just had a look at the pictures there looked to be all sorts of creatures. Did any crabs nip at your toes or did you keep your shoes on.
    It looked like a lovely sunny day for your trip and while you were building sandcastles i was over in England in the snow building a snowman!
    I will keep an eye out for more of your adventures at school!
    Lots of Love from Nona x

    1. Angus said, "The crabs nipped his thumb."
      Rebecca said "We had to keep our shoes on".
      Dylan said "They nipped his pinky"
      We all saw heaps of crabs under the rocks.
      Kellen said "Thank-you for sending your comment"
      Thank-you very much for looking and commenting on our Blog. From Room 3

  4. Wow Angus and Dylan it sounds like there were some hungry crabs nipping at fingers at Ruby Bay, and it was a good idea to keep your shoes on Rebecca if there were so many crabs around!
    You are welcome Kellen it looks like you have some great times at school and are learning lots so i will keep an eye out on your class blogg it is a great idea and seeing as i am so far away it is fantastic that i can see what you are learning. Love Nona x


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