Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today we had some construction time in Room 3. This is something we just love to do..... It's amazing what you can create out of a few boxes, paper, cellotape and glue. We even practised writing 'captions' for our creations.
Have a look at what we made:

Then.... later on in the morning we were all invited into Room 2 to take a look at the creations made by the children in their. They had been given a mission .... You can see their MISSION MENU HERE with the details and guidelines for what they had to do. We were very impressed with their projects and their creativity. Here are some of the items...

Once we got back to class we wrote a shared story about our experience.....

Today we went to Room 2. We went to look at the projects they had made. We saw a rocket, a rain catcher, a boat,  a castle, a parachute, a wood pecker and many other things. It was great fun!


  1. It looks like you all had a great time creating today - great photos :-) Rebecca enjoyed going in to room 2 to see what they had created - she was telling me all about it tonight at bed time :-)
    Rebecca's Mum

  2. cool jassie

    from lw and ag


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