Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One of those very special times.....

Today for 'Show and Tell' Thomas showed us his Grandparents... these Grandparents live in England...
With the expert help of Thomas and his Mum we were able to Skype Granny and Grandad. We saw them up on the big screen in our classroom. This was so very amazing for the children in Room 3. It was 9am on Tuesday morning in our classroom and daylight outside but in England it was 10pm on Monday night and dark outside! Granny and Grandad took their Skype camera in England outside their doorway and showed us a very dark sky and we saw the moon! Then they showed us daffodils, tulips and bluebells....these are spring flowers. We showed them some Autumn leaves!
What a fabulous learning experience. Thomas and his Mum also showed us by using a torch why it was dark in England and why it was daylight here in NZ. So now we know when it is daytime here it is night time on the other side of the world. Very cool!!
Thanks Thomas for sharing your Granny and Grandad with us and thanks to Granny and Grandad for taking the time to help us with our learning about Autumn.


  1. We enjoyed seeing Thomas with all his friends in Room 3. I hope you all have a lovely Easter Holiday, and perhaps we will see you when we next visit in November - your spring and our autumn!
    Granny and Granddad

  2. Well done Granny and Grandad! Love from Thomas


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