Saturday, November 22, 2014

Annual A and P Show Creations

It's that time of year again... we all get to enter a decorated biscuit, a novelty fruit and vege creation, and a sand saucer into the A and P show.
What a fun filled day of imagination and creativity.
("I have to all the excitement and busyness of the day, I forgot to take photos of the finished biscuits. I am so very sorry".)
Photos follow of the children working on their biscuits, the fruit/vege creations and their sand saucers.
You can pop along to the A and P Show, at the Richmond Show Grounds this weekend and view all the entries from Hope School, as well as other schools in our district. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Room 3, we really enjoyed looking at all your entries at the A & P Show, well done on such creative and beautiful creatures and sand saucers. Very impressive! Sarah


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