Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Stepping Out Dance Programme.....

Hope School have been learning to dance. Our students are attending sessions once a week in our school library. The year 1-3 students attend these sessions together. Ezra and Dean are our dance tutors, they are fantastic instructors and the children are always keen to take part.
Through these dance skills students are also learning personal character development and that it is OK to make mistakes, "we can just keep trying". We are being instructed on to two specific dance types...Hip Hop and Paso Doble. Most of you will be familiar with Hip Hop. But maybe not the Paso Doble: This dance is a lively Spanish ballroom dance where we work with a partner. This music is famous for being played during the bullfighters' entrance to the ring.
Have a look at how we are going with our dance steps so far...

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  1. Olivia NeubauerMarch 23, 2015

    We have had some demonstrations of the paso double from Oscar, as well as a 'disco eyes'. I'm hoping you get a chance to try out some of these new moves at the next school disco! Olivia x


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