Thursday, June 25, 2015

Frost Poems

This week we had some very heavy frosts at school and at our houses. We went outside and took a closer look at the frost around our school grounds. We then wrote some poems about what we could see, feel, taste and smell while out there. Some of our poems were then recorded using Puppet Pals on the iPads and others were typed up for others to read.

I see frost
I smell the air
I taste the frost
I feel the air
I wish the snow was coming.
By Alex

I see crystal glass

I smell frozen pizza

I taste sour lolly

I feel frozen ice cream

I wish it was snowing

By Ryker

I see ice

I smell ice
I taste salt

I feel frozen

I wish that the ice was back.

By Logan

I see sparkling

I smell cold air

I feel cold

I wish it was snowing.

By Leah








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