Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our beach stories.

We have been talking and writing about our experience and memories of a time at the beach.Have a read of our fabulous stories.

The beach was called Rabbit Island and the sand was inviting me to lie down on it. My friends were there. It was enjoyable.

Swimming at the beach is fun because your feet sink in the water like sinking sand. Sprawled in the sparkling sand, I saw children playing.

I hear little kids screaming, it echoed through the air. I see a breath-taking view of crystal clear water. I sank into the inviting shimmering sand. I hear the waves crashing on the meniscal grains of sand. I felt overjoyed. I couldn’t wait to go to the shimmering corals.

The sun was hot on me. I sank into the sand. The water was gleaming. I heard little kids screaming. It echoed through the tunnel. The waves crashed up on the beach. I couldn’t wait to go back to the shimmering water.

I bumped in my car all the way to the beach. “Are we there yet?” I said. And then, we were there…at the rocket slide beach. I was with my whole family.
 I stood up and the sand crunched on my feet as I tried to move to the crashing waves. I spotted hundreds of shiny shells. The rocket slide had a park. I felt exhausted.

At the beach I saw some sparkling shells. The waves were crashing on each other.

There was a mystery at the beach. There was sparkling crystals on the beach. Taran was there and Alex was there too. The water was shimmering gold. I felt overjoyed. It was at 4 o’clock. The mystery beach had shadows, I noticed that when I got out of the car. I saw dark shadows beneath my feet. There were colourful shells too.

I saw Taran and we went to the water and we made a track. I felt like I was somewhere else. The waves were crashing into shore. The colour of the sand was the colour if my skin.

Waves splashed, one drop was golden and there was gold in the sand. The water was sparkling like crystals.

The sand went in between my toes. I hear seagulls screeching. Shiny waves splash on me. I felt a crab on my toe. The crab’s nip hurt like a million ticks biting me.

The sunshine went in my eyes. My dad and mum were there. I was happy because my feet tickled. The sand looked like fluffy sand. I laughed and laughed. I like it. The crashing waves looked funny. I love it. I want to go back. I’m going back now.

At the beach I made a sand marble track with my brother Caleb and it was at Rabbit Island. I went in the sea and it felt like a spa pool!

I went to a camp. I went to a beach at the camp. My dad and my mum went there too. Shiny shells were there and shiny sand was there too.

I went to the beach. I made a pool.

The beach was sparkling when the water went on it.

The water shimmered on my toes. It made my toes cold.

I was at the beach.

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