Friday, September 16, 2016

Intense concentration

This term we have learnt how to use our classroom blog as a portal to many Maths and Literacy activities. We have also had reminder lessons on Studyladder and learnt a completely new programme called Monster Reading.
When you consider the amount of skills and knowledge these 5 year olds need in order to use a computer successfully, they do a lot of learning in a very short time.  What comes naturally to you and I as adults is a major challenge for them and they do become very skilful at these tasks. They have to learn things like:  how to navigate a finger on a mouse pad to move an arrow on a screen, co-ordinating a click of the pad with where the arrow needs to be, turning on is different to shutting down, passwords to remember, how to turn the sound up and down or off/on, the keyboard letters aren't in alphabetical order and not to mention the letters are capitals. This is probably a short list but all these things require massive concentration. Well done Room 3!


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