Thursday, March 2, 2017


We have been listening to the cicadas in the trees this week. We took a walk around the school to see if we could find them. (sorry no photos of our walk as I forgot to take the camera)
Anyway we found one cicada shell attached to a fence and took it back inside with us.  After looking at it and some other pictures of cicadas we wrote some stories about it.

I went outside to find a cicada.

I went outside and looked at cicadas

I was outside, we saw a cicada.

I saw a cicada

I saw a cicada. I saw it hanging on the wall.

I saw a cicada.

I went outside to find a cicada

I saw a cicada it sounded like a bee.

I saw a cicada on the wall.

I saw a cicada today. I found it on a gate. It was fun.

The next morning  Navarah  brought in some more cicada shells for us to look at. She also had one where the cicada had unfortunately died while shedding it's outer shell. So the green cicada was visible for us to see exactly how it would come out of the shell.
Very interesting. Thanks Navarah.

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