Thursday, June 8, 2017


Today we read a book called........

We talked about what kind of alien we would be and what we might fly around space in. Plus we thought of some food we would bring to the alien picnic

I am a bang-a-dong. I have a boot as a spaceship. My boot thinks crazy. My head is a balloon…. “See I’m over the moon”. What will you be?

I am an alien. I am sloppy. When somebody puts their finger through me their finger goes straight through my sloppy body. My spaceship looks like sparkly blue and coming out of the back comes fiery watermelons. The fire is colourful.

I am an alien. I am all colourful and sparkles come out of my eyes. My rocket is pink. When my rocket swoops through space, sparkles come out. I brang biscuits and they taste like watermelons.

I have a pink rocket. It has blue fire. It has a sloppy jelly.

I am an alien that lives on a planet for the alien. It was fun on the planet.

My alien is green.

My alien is blue.

My alien is red.

My alien is yellow.

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