Monday, July 3, 2017

Life in the past... at home.... and school

Today we joined with Room 4 and took a trip to Bishops School in Nelson and then to Broadgreen House in Stoke.
This trip makes for a great finish to our topic of "Hope School in the Past".
We dressed up in olden-days clothes and stepped back in school time as we entered Bishops School. Our teacher was John..we had to call him Sir (Yes Sir) he carried a cane and made sure we were all behaving ourselves!! We did some reading and writing and had a look around at some of the memorabilia. Bishops School has been around for many years.
Then we left Bishops School and had lunch in the conservatory at Broadgreen House. After lunch we had a great time learning about home life in the early days. We enjoyed making butter, peeling apples, and pumping water from a well. We also learnt how to wash clothes without an automatic washing machine. We discovered that there was no bathroom in the house and that people back then had to use a "chamber pot". It was very interesting looking at all the amazing things in the house.

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