Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making Sweets for the Country Bazaar

Today we were given the very special task of making some marshmallow treats to sell at our up coming Country Bazaar. We worked pretty hard and they all look soooo yummy. You could buy some on Saturday...

At school I made a marshmallow on a stick. I made a kebab. We made kebabs for the Country Bazaar.

When we made the sweets we dipped the marshmallows in the chocolate. We made marshmallows on sticks.

Today in Room 3 all the children made sweets for the Country Bazaar. It was awesome. We made kebabs out of marshmallows.

Today at school all the children made sweets. I heard people talking. I saw people making the sweets.

Today in Room 3 all the kids made sweets for the Country Bazaar. I heard laughing and I saw marshmallows. At the end I got to eat one of the sweets and I smelt the marshmallows.

Today Mrs Hall helped Room 3 make some treats for the Country Bazaar and the treats were very delicious.

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