Thursday, September 4, 2014

Making a Volcano in the Sandpit.

We have been learning to write Recounts using... When, Where, Who, and What. Then making our stories more interesting by using our five senses...hear, look, feel, taste, and smell. These are a few of our stories from making a volcano in the sandpit.

Today I saw lava coming out the Volcano

When we went to the sandpit we made a volcano. We put some of the vinegar in the volcano. It burst.

We made a volcano at school today. Everyone in Room 3. We heard birds squeaking.

Boom! went the volcano it was today. It had baking soda vinegar food colouring. It was erupting.

Today at school all the kids made a volcano. It looked like blood leaking from our skins. We looked at it. I heard an ambulance.

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