Friday, August 8, 2014

Discovery Time Writing Challenge...

Our goal today was to not start our stories with "At Discovery Time I..." we had to think of other ways to start our stories. Have a did we do?

I made a boat. It was amazing. I loved it. It was cool. It was made of cork.  Frances

Me and my friends made lemonade. At the boat- making table I made a racing boat.  Noah

My boat floated in the water with my friends boats.  Dresden

I played with a boat.  Thomas

At school I made lemonade.  Zion

I liked building a boat.  Taran

I liked making a nest and eggs with plastercine with Kayden.  Kayla

I made a boat and it had spikes. My boat floated in the water.  Kayden

I like the lemonade because it was juicy.  Makayla

I liked playing with my boat.  Harry

I loved playing with the plastercine.  Skyla

At the lemonade table I liked making the lemonade. When I drank it, it was sour.  Seraphina

I made a boat. Its sail broke. It got wet.  Aaron

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  1. Nice to see some different beginnings to your stories Room 3. Well done, Sarah


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