Thursday, August 28, 2014

Using Tellagami to retell our stories.

When using Tellagami on the iPads we have a lot to learn and remember....
We have to take a photo of our book and set it as the Tellagami background. We create a character: choosing a male or female, then clothes, shoes, hairstyles, eyes, skin and facial expressions. We need to position our character and resize it if necessary. Then we have to remember how to record our voice. As well as recall what the story we have taken a photo of, is about and talk about it. Then we need to save our Tellagami so our teacher can find it later and add it to this blog. So much learning!
These children are only 5 and have been using Tellagami... doing all of the above completely independently. Fantastic work guys, well done.

Retelling stories using Tellagami from Room 3 on Vimeo.

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  1. What a great use of the app.

    You have some great readers and writers.



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